All about him is same as Hiiro Morato. He is archenemy of Hiiro and he wants to rule the world by use of nine sacred stones.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Dark is same as Hiiro that an excellent boxer who possesses great strength. His boxing training resulted in his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, and ability to take and give a huge amount of physical punishment.


Ultimate Rush: Use a repeating jab and straight punches.


Burstial (gloves): His primary weapon and it able to punch with fire with this glove.

Bangle of the Corona: His dark fire energy is stored here.

Ultimate Break: Burned Dream merges with Dark, to form a pair of boxing gloves and head gear. In its Champion form it also includes a right shoulder armor, boots and tight armors.

Dark Flame Boots: A device that allows Hiiro to fly by blasting him off emitting flames through the soles. Hiiro is the only one who uses them.


Burned Dream (kangaroo): It has own Boxing Gloves and is capable of flight. When released from the Dark's Corona Bangle, Burned Dream gained armor that covered her whole body but no longer needed the turrets to enter Cambio Forma.